So after more than fifteen years of experience my main development and server operating system where Linux based. Distributions ranged from Ubuntu as early as version 5.04 (April 2005), Slackware, Arch Linux and Debian.

FreeBSD logo

The biggest problem in my opinion with the Linux based operating system is its widely distributed software components spread accros to many websites, projects and communities. APIs change all the time, documentation is outdated or even lacking. This is also because the speed of where new features are implemented are to fast to be understand by others and deprectated before they even see daylight.

In the BSD communities the old KISS principle is still praised over complexity, which means code which isn't written will not produce bugs. Did you even know FreeBSD has a handbook, how nice!

What most modern series, movies and documentary watcher realize they are indirectly using FreeBSD to get content to their livingroom. Netflix has build custom edge content servers for ISPs named OpenConnect which are high-performance servers based on a custom FreeBSD. Also this gets me excited to get my hands dirty.

The whole thing got real momentum because this year I started a project for my own company and wanted to learn something new and switching technology stacks is not a bad thing. I'm not saying goodbye to Linux, but my relationship will be more polygamic between FreeBSD and Linux ;=).