Brewing an IPA from my own designed recipe to chillout on Sunday.



  • OG 1.074
  • FG 1.019
  • ABV 7.29% (80% efficienty)
  • IBU 54.57
  • EBC 13.76

Brewed with the BIAB (brew in a bag) method


Mash-in start temperature 74.5 °C. Temperature drop after grain addition to 67.7 °C. Heated again until 70 °C. Single infusion mash method took 60 minutes. Boil for 90 minute with ~28,4 liter. With ~24,6 liter in the fermenter.

A second thin-beer was made with 200 grams of sugar cane and a approximate 8 liters of sparge water to get all the sugar out of the grains. It will be added to a wild fermented apple juice to get a apple infused beer.


3.5 kgPilsner3 EBC56%
2 kgMarris otter pale8.5 EBC32%
250 grBiscuit malt60 EBC4%
250 grAbbey malt43 EBC4%
250 grFlaked oats4.5 EBC4%

Total amount of malts: 6.25 kg


TimeAmountVarietyAlpha Acids
60 min25 grCascade6.6
60 min17 grPacific Jam NZ13.9
10 min34,2 grCitra12.7


  • Brewed at: 19 April 2020


Recipe milling Water transfer Mash-in Mash-in temperature check Isolation of mash Siphon the wort Barley compost Pans and clous of vapour Beer chiller Final beer