• Bottle ID 104
  • ABV 7.51% (85% efficiency)
  • IBU 40.59 (only calculated for boiled hops)
  • EBC 20.36
  • Yeast: Fermentis Safale-S33

Mash-in temperature ~75 degree celsius water temperature, temperature drop to 65 degrees after grain addition. Single infusion in Brew-in-a-bag method, hold temperature 66 degrees for 90 minutes. Boiled for 90 minutes.


5.4 kgMaris Otter Pale8.51 EBC
1,5 kgRye malt (Weyermann)8 EBC
0,75 kgSpelt malt (Weyermann)3 EBC
0,5 kgFlaked oats4 EBC
0,25 kgExtra dark crystal malt318 EBC

Bottle fermentation: 90 grams of raw cane sugar disolved in a little hot water.


TimeAmountVarietyAlpha Acids
90 min30grPilot UK (pressed flower)9.93 AA
15 min20grAmarillo (pellets)8.9 AA
15 min30grCitra (pressed flower)12.8 AA

Dry Hops

Unweighted mix of Amarillo, Citra and Cascade. Dry hopped for an approximate time of two weeks.


  • Brewed at: 13 Februari 2021
  • Bottled at: 10 April 2021


Mix of grains

Milling the grains

Transfering hot tap water with a solar water pump (approximate 60 degree celsius)

Mashing the grains with the BIAB

Mashing foam

Single infusion wait time, covered the kettle with insulation so the temperature will not drop

Boiling the wort with the hops

Unboiled malt water result with a complex taste

Final result in the fermentor

Floating dry hops with some white yeast/bacteria layer on top

Filtering the floating hops out of the secondary fermentation

Resulting beer color after transfering to the bottling pan with added bottle prime sugar water

Result before fermenting in the bottle (without foam)

Dry hop bottom dirt in the secondary fermentor

Final bottle result almost 3 crates of 330ml bottles.