Attempt for a malty and sweet irish red ale low in alcohol. The beer came out a little less red then expected but is probably due too the chocolate malts. The red color oxidized fast till amber/brown. The taste came out smooth and malty, luckily the bottle fermentation didn’t produce much carbonation.


  • Bottle ID 183
  • ABV 4.57% (75% efficiency)
  • IBU 24.99
  • EBC 18.31
  • Yeast: Fermentis Safale K-97, dry ale yeast. Sedimentation: slow, Attentuation: high.
  • Fermentor target: 33 liter

Mash scheme

Single infusion mash with initial water temperature of 73 degree celsius. Mash at 66 degree for 90 minutes. Using the Brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) for filtering and brew-speed. BIAB works as a good filter so the mash will not cool significantly. I don’t use a filtering bucket anymore because making a filter bed takes too much time to settle and the wort cools by 10-20 degrees during this step.

I heated the wort to 78 degree and sparged spent grain with 80 degree water until running clear. Topped to 33 liter during cooling.


4 kgPale ale7 EBC
1,65 kgPilsner3 EBC
200 grCaraHell (Weyermann)25 EBC
200 grAbbey Malt (Weyermann)43 EBC
200 grFlaked Oats4 EBC
100 grCaraRed (Weyermann)50 EBC
100 grPale Chocolate (Thomas Fawcett)612 EBC
20 grDark Chocolate1120 EBC

Total malts 6,47 kg. With 820 gr speciality malts for color and flavor which is 12,67% of the grain bill. Calculated as follows: special malts/(total/100).

Bottle prime sugar approximate 70 grams.


TimeAmountVarietyAlpha Acids
50 min35grPilot UK (pressed flower)9.93 AA
50 min~10 grCascade (old hops)6.6 AA

Dry hopped afterwards with a few handfulls for approximate 2 weeks.


  • Brewed at: 19 februari 2022
  • Second fermentation and dryhop: Not registered
  • Bottled at: 18 march 2022


Recipe making and weighting

Malt milling

Mashing in the malts

Transfer of wort

Wort syphoning

Wort syphoning almost finished

Multiple pans

Hop boil

Wort chilling

Fermenter result

Final result