NOTICE: This experiment failed again. The peppers where almost free of aphids. But probably central heating and darkness killed them. No more tries to overwinter peppers for me! I just sow them very early in Januari.

So I finally found a good overwintering peppers tutorial (Pepper Geek on Youtube) with peppers plants grown outside. I’m going to try again and do my best to keep them alive until the 2023 grow season starts.

Normally I had big issues with aphids because they did hide in the soil taken from outside to inside. Even after de-foliage and trimming the aphids got alive when new leafs where forming.

I did sow them this year myself in Januari, in my custom build Grow and go box prototype.

We will see in the upcomming months…

jalapeno-pepper-garden balcony-pepper-pots banana-pepper pepper-harvest serano-pepper trimmed-pepper-garden pepper-cleaned-root-system tray-plastic-liner going-dormant