So I decided to create a nice Irish Red Ale beer. I’m a big fan of this because it is light, malty and sweet. In The Netherlands where I live it is very rare to buy this kind of beer in the shop. Only the Irish Pubs serve it.



  • OG 1.054
  • FG 1.013
  • ABV 5.31% (80% efficienty)
  • IBU 24.61
  • EBC 20.84

Brewed with the BIAB (brew in a bag) method single infusion 90 minute mash @ 66 degree celsius. 90 minute ~33 liter boil. With ~30 liter in the fermenter.


3.5 kgPilsner3 EBC53.5%
2.2 kgMarris otter pale8.5 EBC33.5%
225 grCarared51 EBC3.4%
195 grFlaked oats4.5 EBC3%
175 grAbbey malt43 EBC2.7%
150 grCarahell27 EBC2.3%
75 grPale chocolate600 EBC1.1%
50 grPale light chocolate1200 EBC0.8%
110 grCane sugar (priming)n/an/a


TimeAmountVarietyAlpha Acids
60 min25 grEast Kent Goldings6.5 AA
60 min35 grFuggles6 AA


  • Brewed at: 20 Januari 2019
  • Cold crash: 25 Januari - 3 Februari
  • Seconday fermentation: 8 Februari 2019 (19 days)
  • Bottle day: 4 March 2019 (43 days)
  • Lager: 8 April 2019 (85 days)



Mashing with BIAB

worth transfer

Wort transfer with solar water pump

worth chill

Wort chill with copper spiral

hop oil mirror

Hop oil mirror (after cold crash)

bottle cleaning

Bottle cleaning

bottle pole

Bottle cleaning pole

beer transfer

Beer transfer and liquified sugar priming

result before lager

Result before bottle lagering

batch size

Batch size, this is minus 1 gallon of infused beer

That’s all folks!