Mash scheme

Step mash single infusion with medium body mash scheme extra protein rest and thick mash-in. Inspired by “The Brewmaster’s Bible - Step-Mashing - For a medium bodied beer”.

TypeTimeTemperature (celsius)
Mash-in (thick)n/a55 degree - 20 liters (2.5 liter/per kg malt)
Protein rest10 min50 degree
Saccharification rest60 min67.7 degree
Iodine starch testn/a
Mash-thinningn/a75 degree (extra water addition)
Mash-out10 min75 degree
Lautering & spargen/a75 degree (extra water addition until ~32 liter)
Boil60 min100 degree


6 kgPale Ale7 EBC
1 kgCaraWheat (Weyermann)110 - 140 EBC
600 grBrown Sugar38.5 EBC
250 grChateau chocolate1000 EBC

Total 7,25 kg malt.


TimeUseAmountVarietyAlpha Acids
60 minBoil40 grTarget10.4 AA (26.07 IBU)
10 minBoil10 grEl Dorado11.7 AA (2.66 IBU)
0 minWhirlpool25 grEl Dorado11.7 AA (4.88 IBU)