This post keeps a list of beers I have brewed with bottle numbers and links to the recipes. I use a bottle numbering scheme so I can keep track of the different beers without creating labels and the brews are unique. Bottle numbers are created on bottle day as follows:

  • For month 1-9: <day (2 numbers)><month (1 number)>
  • For month 10-12: <day (1 number)><month (2 numbers)>

They are sorted from new to old.

Bottle IDBeerBottled at
812Red Unity2023-12-08
277Jerry’s Mr White2023-07-17
166Double red fruity2023-06-16
312Breugelse rooije red ale2022-12-30
183Redish winter ale feb ‘222022-03-18
311Apple Red Ale2021-11-25
211Autumn Dry Irish Red Ale2021-11-25
104Rye not so pale ale2021-04-10
101Malty Ipa2021-01-10